The Signers (Graduation Project)

Graduation Project

In 2015 I graduated at the Royal Academie of Arts in The Hague [Netherlands] with the project: The Signers (pronounced as De-Signers).

The relationship between audio and visual could be seen as comparable to that of coffee and milk. They are two independent forms which can work perfectly well on their own, but form a new kind of magic when they are combined.

Often at rock concerts and parties with live dj-sets, visuals or vj-ing is almost impossible to ignore. They are there to create a more intense experience for the listener by combing sound with moving image.

In this project, I am searching for a way to design with the use of musical instruments as a primary tool. With the setup of a typical three-piece rock band, I want to create a new form of designing by playing visuals, instead of playing music.

Video Coming Soon